San Marcos Hotel Site of Fall State Meeting

True to the Suffragist spirit and determination, Arizona Questers representing chapters from around the State turned out in full dress form Thursday, November 12, 2020 at the historic San Marcos Hotel in Chandler.   The morning session featured a women's suffrage play with some of the most prominent figures from the heyday of the Women's Right to Vote movement - all represented by Questers.  This fun and informative event was followed by the luncheon and program - with Guest Speaker Linda Starr - who entertained with a delightful parade of vintage hats  modeled by Questers "Suffragists" Betty Hartnett, Deb Hanson, Robyn Morin, Nancy Futral and Lynne Young.  High praise is due Nancy Futral, State Second Vice President, who handled all the meeting arrangements, and Deb Hanson (our leading lady Suffragist) who facilitated the "Failure is Impossible" Readers Theater presentation.  This delightful event closed with the traditional "Opportunity Basket" drawing.  Check out the images below to see our 19th Amendment fashion statement!

betty debbie.jpg
childhood friends.jpg
cindy walker.jpg
bird hat.jpg
gene kitty noreen.jpg
nancy futral.jpg
lost dutchman.jpg
yavapai basket.jpg