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April 17-18, 2024

Tucson, Arizona

May 5-9, 2024

Bahia Resort

San Diego, Calif

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Questers work to preserve and restore historical places and artifacts, while enjoying wonderful friendships and learning about the historical significance of the items we collect.

    Questers have completed millions of dollars in preservation and restoration projects.   Everything from restoring  mansions, monuments, markers, and mining equipment to preserving valuable historical documents, art, textiles, and ephemera.  Our International Questers Organization also provides scholarships for students wanting to make preservation a career.


    Many of us love collecting antiques and value the opportunity to share and learn about the items we collect.  Other members just enjoy history and want to see historical places and things maintained for future generations to learn what it was like to have lived in the past.   We meet regularly, have a lot of fun, and develop wonderful friendships.


    As president of the Arizona Organization of Questers, I welcome you to our website.  If you’re a visitor, I hope what you find here will interest you in  becoming a member.  If so, click here.  

    If you’re already a Questers member, I hope you’ll find helpful hints and suggestions for chapter events and projects in the Membership section.  Ask your chapter president for the password.

    Alice Helton

    AZ State Questers President

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