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November 9-10 2022

Rio Verde, AZ

May 11-13, 2023

Sioux Falls, SD

Holiday Inn

  City Center

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Heading 3






As the President of the Arizona State Organization of the Questers, I welcome you to our Arizona Questers website

Questers enjoy collecting antiques and we also enjoy hearing about different antiques that may be new to us.  Many times that starts us on a new quest for that next special treasure.


We preserve historical places and artifacts because they are important to us.  We appreciate history and want to see historical places and things maintained for future generations to learn from and appreciate.  We restore items that have historical significance so that we may share what it was like to have lived in the past.


I hope if you are a visitor to our site, or if you are a Quester who has moved to Arizona, you will consider becoming a member of our organization.  There is a link for you to inquire about membership on our menu bar.

Debbie Hansen

Arizona State Questers President 

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