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The Quester Motto:  It's fun to search and a joy to find!

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Jesse Elizabeth

In 1944, THE QUESTERS was founded by Jessie Elizabeth Bardens to further  knowledge and education about antiques, and to encourage preservation, restoration and conservation of historic buildings, sites and antiquities. 


Jessie Elizabeth Bardens expressed, "The powers of the    mind are memory and imagination: without memory, we 

have no past; without imagination, no future".   She felt

that a person's curiosity, enthusiasm, imagination and

memory contribute to constructively acquiring information

on our past and utilizing that knowledge to save our history for future generations.



Questers International


Philadelphia, P.A.

Questers take great pride in their personal education about antiques and their collections, in sharing their knowledge and collections with other Questers, and enjoying friendships with other members.  There are 28 Questers chapters in Arizona. You can find out about

them by clicking here.


You can learn more about the Questers by clicking

the International Headquarters photo,

Remembering Arizona Questers Beginnings

Arizona Questers: 

Preserving our History:


     Questers in Arizona have a long and rich history when it comes to  preserving our state's history.  


     P & R projects, selected by Quester Chapters, help preserve old buildings, sites and artifacts for the benefit of our citizens and future generations. 


     To learn more about the many projects in which Questers have been involved click the stamp below to view the Preservation and Restoration history created by Arizona Questers' Lois Newton :

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Lois Bostwick became a member of Questers Chipita Chapter #143 in Colorado in 1960.  From 1960 to 1984  Lois served as Chapter

President, Colorado State Organizer Chair & Rocky Mountain Organizer Chair, serving eleven states including Arizona.

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Lois Bostwick Michaelis


She initiated the first AZ State Meeting (1973). She was AZ State Organizer Chair and National Subscriptions Chair.  Lois was a contributing editor to "Adapting American Antiques." She was co-author of a weekly Sunday magazine, "Adapting Antiques", in the Daily Camera newspaper of Boulder, Colorado. Lois organized 21 Quester chapters in Colorado and the first 18 chapters in Arizona. 

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